Artist Application & Selection Process

Artist Application & Selection Process

Additional Benefits for Artists

The promotional campaign for the Biennale needs to start far in advance of the actual exhibition. Therefore the artists that are approved early on are able to benefit from extra promotion.

Selected artists can choose ONE of the following free options, in addition to the "Italia Award" exhibition at the Chianciano Biennale:

  • Option 1:
    Gagliardi Gallery exhibition, London

    Artists can choose to be included in an exhibition in one of London's oldest contemporary art galleries. Gagliardi Gallery was founded nearly 40 years ago on the King's Road in Chelsea. The duration is of one week with an official opening to which the Gagliardi Gallery will invite their client mailing list. The gallery requires advanced notice of participating artists in order to make preparations so this option is only available for artists who apply for the Chianciano Biennale before the 25th January 2018.
  • Option 2:
    Artwork published on Saatchi Museum Magazine
    The Biennale will publish full page adverts. Six artists will be published on each full page with one work each. This is the official Saatchi Museum Magazine in London, readership 250,000. The magazine has only three editions per year and so they require advanced notice to plan publications. Therefore this option is only available for artists who apply for the Chianciano Biennale before the 25th February 2018.
  • Option 3:
    Artwork published on Chelsea Life Magazine, UK

    The Biennale will publish full page adverts. Six artists will be published on each full page. 70,000 copies of the London Life Magazines are distributed to letterboxes of homes (London U.K.) worth more than £3 million GBP. Chelsea Life Magazine is monthly and so there is more flexibility in relation to timing. Therefore this option is  only available for artists who apply for the Chianciano Biennale before the 25th April 2018.

Selection Process

  • Selection process is based on skill and talent open to established and emerging artists.
  • All Biennale artists are exhibited in the Chianciano Art Museum and at the Chianciano EXPO in the medieval centre.
  • The artworks are exhibited from the 11 - 25th of August 2018
  • We believe in expressive freedom and are open to all forms of art.
  • The installation of art is carried out by Chianciano Art Museum.
  • Artist personal attendance is not a requirement but is welcome

Approved Disciplines

  • Accepted artistic disciplines include works on canvas, works on paper, applied arts, digital art, photography, sculpture and installation.

Curatorial Study

  • Participants are not required to attend in person as the exhibition will be staged by a group of expert curators.
  • Hanging is not done by genre or by artistic movement. It is emphasised that the effect of the individual work is of prime significance. Therefore, the hanging is aimed to remove visual confusion and allow for focused concentration on each individual work. For this reason, works delivered late may not be included in the exhibition.
  • Approved artists may show two works up to 150cm x 150cm, at the discretion of the curators. The dimensions of sculptures will be decided on a piece by piece basis.


  • All artworks are insured during their stay at the Chianciano Biennale.

Info about Chianciano & the Biennale

  • 600,000 Overnight bookings per year in Chianciano alone of like-minded and high potential people
  • Unique opportunity to exhibit in a wonderful Museum setting and a medieval setting.
  • Chianciano was founded in Etruscan times and its medieval square dates back to the 12 Century.
  • All Art Galleries (apart from the museum) used for participating artists are located in Medieval Chianciano's Central Square
  • The area is surrounded by ancient hill towns that attract high numbers of tourists.


  • Artwork prices will be available with Biennale staff.
  • The Biennale does not retain any commission on sales during the exhibition, unless otherwise agreed with an individual artist.
  • The Biennale will retain credit card charges and VAT Tax but only if the payment is processed through the Biennale's card terminals.


The awards are selected and presented by four international panels:
  • The Biennale Jury
  • The International Confederation of Art Critics Jury
  • The Anglo-Italian Academy of Art Jury
  • Oxford University Alumni Award


  • The selected works should be sent to the Chianciano Art Museum between the 1st July and the 1st of August 2018.
  • Works can be delivered personally by the artist up to the 5th of August 2018.
  • All works should be collected from the museum after the exhibition between the 25th and 31st of August 2018.
  • All transport costs to and from the exhibition are payable by the Artist or artist representative. The organisation does not accept any liability for damages caused during transport.

Artists benefits while in Chianciano

  • Use of the Artist's Studio.
  • Access to the Chianciano EXPO and EXPO by Night.
  • Access to the Chianciano Art Museum, its terraces and and its library to meet and socialise with guests.
  • Access to the terraces and common areas of Chianciano Arts Club and Residence.

Printed & Online Catalogue

Each artist will have one A4 page with one work published in the hardcopy and online catalogue. The catalogue will be prepared by the International Confederation of Art Critics, the same designers who prepared catalogues such as:

  • London Art Biennale Official Publication
  • "Figures, from Realism to Abstraction" at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
  • "The Third Millennium Exhibition" at the Lord Leighton Museum, London
  • "Impressions on Canvas" at the Chelsea Town Hall, London
  • "Biennale of Chianciano" at the Chianciano Art Museum
  • "Brian Willsher - Avant Guarde Bronzes"
  • "Chianciano Art Museum Publication"

Participating artists will be able to pick up their free copy of the printed catalogue at the Biennale's info desks or order the book online.

The publication will be sold in Amazon on the International Confederation of Art Critics Amazon Store.


Participating artists consent to the use of images of their artworks by the Chianciano Art Museum for promotional and PR purposes.


  • If an artists is approved by the selection committee, there is a fixed fee of €1,250 (Euro) including VAT
  • All applicants must pay refundable deposit of €250 to apply.
  • The deposit is refunded if an artist is not approved to exhibit.
  • If an artist is approved to exhibit, the €250 euros is used towards the total fee and therefore deducted from the amount payable.

Apply Now

  1. Click on the icon and fill in the on-line application form.
  2. To use credit card or paypal, click on the icon and Pay the 250 euro (+10 euro paypal fee) refundable deposit.
    To use a different payment method, please click here

  3. We will then contact you requesting 10 images by email of available works for the selection process.
    Applications will either be approved or fully refunded within 14 working days.